Redemption Tickets

GOPSONS is one of the largest Redemption Tickets manufacturer in India .we have capacity to produce 15 million Redemption Tickets per day. Redemption tickets are dispensed from redemption games at Arcades and Amusement Centers for redeeming prizes.

We produce Eight Colour customized bar-coded Redemption Tickets, which is easily suitable for any Ticket Dispenser and Ticket eater machine, we produce it in different thickness of paper required by our customers. We source best quality Paper from reliable global suppliers. We provide Redemption Tickets to our customer in Packing of 100000 Pcs and 150000 Pcs per box basis. Generally we make a packet/bundle of either 2000 pcs of Tickets or 3000 Pcs of Tickets.

GOPSONS have more than 100 satisfied customers to all over world, we Export Redemption Ticket in LCL/FCL 20"/40" container mode to all over world.