Tyvek Wristbands

Tyvek® wristbands are made with 100% DuPont Tyvek®, a high-density, paper-like material that is light weight yet durable, comfortable, and water/tear-resistant tamper evident. These wristbands  are placed around the wrist and are used for identification purposes.

The reason Tyvek wristband is used for Event/Water Park/Amusement park/Pub/Club of 1 - 7 days, is because it will last that long without coming off, even when on the wrists of the most promiscuous revellers. If you're running an event and want a wristband for either 1 day or 7, then Tyvek will do the job. Tyvek solid plain wristbands are available in more than 15 stock colour in size of ¾" X 10" and 1" X 10" with serial number and security cut. It is also available in four colour customized LOGO/MATTER printing with or without Barcodes.

GOPSONS is one of the largest Tyvek converters in India. GOPSONS is in to Tyvek Paper business for more than 15 years and enjoy an excellent reputation in the industry. We deal into all kind of Tyvek wristbands and can produce any kind of wristband on demand. GOPSONS Tyvek wristbands have the below advantages:

  • Non-tear able tamper evident.
  • 100% Water Proof in nature.
  • Easly available in more than 15 Plain Stock Colour.
  • Available in customized design also as per customer requirement.
  • 100% Recycable.